Log boilers take the simplest form of wood fuel, split logs, and through advanced control extract as much energy as possible from them. The wood needs to be fairly dry (around 20-25% moisture content) to burn efficiently and not cause tarring of the boiler, and if you have a source of timber then this can be by far the cheapest form of heating available. The log boiler works in conjunction with a large buffer / accumulator tank to store the energy, which then supplies the heating system.

Log boilers do take work, manually loading once or twice a day in the winter is hands on, and the quantity of wood needed to run a decent sized house is substantial, but if everything is in place and the owner knows the requirements then this is a really great way of being energy independent and reducing heating costs right down.

Froeling have 3 ranges of Log Boiler available – S1, S3 and S4.

The S1 is a compact unit designed for modern, low energy homes. The fuel chamber is smaller, but this means the boiler is significantly more compact and the buffer tank size requirements are lower. The 20kW unit could suffice with a 1500 litre buffer tank, but 2000 litres is better. The boilers are fully connected to the internet, can control the heating circuits and hot water requirements, and also can be specified with auto ignition.

The S3 boiler is a cost effective larger boiler, up to 45kW. This unit still comes with the important controls such as primary and secondary air control, lambda (Oxygen) sensor and speed controlled fan etc, but does not have touch screen or options such as auto ignition. Hugely popular on the continent where rural properties were heated with ceramic log stoves.

The S4 is the more advanced version of the S3, with auto ignition option, full touch screen control etc. The S4 goes up to 60kW in size which is a great option for large rural properties and business premises, and they have proved very popular with sites where timber is readily available such as forestry workshops, farmhouses and other similar buildings.

The S1 and S4 (up to 34kW) can also have a pellet burner attached to them to make them into a Dual fuel boiler. This gives the flexibility of pellets when the owner is unable to fill the log boiler. This can be retrofitted at a later date, and has proved popular to owners as they get older and loading logs becomes more of a physical effort.

We also supply the VIGAS range of log boilers. These are more cost conscious units, the controls are not to the same levels as a Froeling, but where a cheaper unit is more desirable the Vigas range has proved very popular. Starting at 16kW they go up to 100kW in size, giving an option for large properties and businesses.