Wood Pellet boilers are neat, compact, and highly advanced heating systems, fully automated from getting the fuel in from a store to compacting the ash for emptying two or three times a year, they require the least interaction from the operators and burn incredibly clean.  Wood Pellets are uniform, dry, compressed sawdust, which is significantly easier to move about and create a controlled burn, which reacts to the demands of the building.

Pellet boilers suit smaller heating loads than woodchip or log, the boilers are smaller and fuel stores can be as small as practical, meaning they make up the majority of the domestic market.

Optional filtration systems such as electrostatic filters, which remove the small particles of combustion, mean that a pellet boiler can burn incredibly clean with no visible smoke.

The Froeling pellet range starts with the 7kW PE1, to the PE1c, PE1e, P4 and PT4e up to 250kW, meaning there is a boiler to suit all demands.  A huge variety of fuel storage and handling options are on offer and we will help design the most suitable methold of storage for your needs.