Ensuring that the heating system is designed correctly is one of the biggest factors is ending up with an efficient, reliable system with a long lifespan. The fundamentals of circulating heating water are not particularly difficult to design, but not giving this the consideration it requires results in larger biomass systems that do not perform, use significantly more fuel than they should and generally give many issues with reliability.

Controlling flow rates and temperatures is crucial, ensuring the boilers have the correct delivery of system water to be able to deliver heat to the water is a basic principle but it does amaze us when this doesn’t happen. Reducing flow temperatures in buildings, compensating this temperature according to outside temperatures and room demands and dynamically controlling flow rates through plate heat exchangers and radiators / heat emitters makes a staggering difference to the efficiency and fuel used.

It sounds complicated – but it’s really not, and with a bit of upfront designing of the system this is all perfectly achievable and is what we can offer as a service.