The Froling Turbomat is a unique heating system with a fully automatic wood burner which will operate with a wide variety of wood fuel material. As a leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems, the Turbomat embodies all of Froling’s expertise in pioneering innovation.

The Turbomat not only boasts innovative combustion technology but also offers impressive control options. With Lambda controls as standard, combustion chamber temperature monitoring and under- pressure control, perfect combustion is guaranteed for a range of materials. The comfort provided sets new standards in this performance category.

All Froling Turbomat functions are fully automatic, from fuel feed and combustion right through to cleaning and ash removal. The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be extremely robust, durable and easy to service.

The Turbomat range also comes with a full range of fuel feed options to cover almost any application.  Available with screw auger feed or hydraulic walking floor and push stoker

Output options 220, 320, 400, 500 kW
Fuels Wood pellet, Woodchip (up to 50% moisture content)
Certifications RHI compliant, MCS, HETAS, Energy Technology List, Clear Air exempt
  • High efficiency up to 94.2%
  • Excellent emissions performance at high load factors
  • Up to four units can be cascaded using SPS 4000, so up to 2000 kW can be achieved
  • SPS 4000 controller with 5.7 inch touch screen display for simple remote access
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • Extremely high operating safety
  • Hydraulic Stoker feed system
  • Various fuel store systems
  • Visualisation monitoring software